About Online Event

OnlineEventTM is a department within one of the most trusted and respected event production companies in North America, FREEMAN. However, OnlineEvent can work seamlessly with any AV company to capture and produce beautiful video footage to any file format, and ultimately monetize the distribution of the content to a global audience.

Our strategic, creative and logistics solutions transform face-to-face experiences and extend the value of the live engagement investment for show organizers, corporate event marketers and exhibitors. Most conveniently, we handle everything for you - from planning and logistics to distribution and revenue obtainment.

With OnlineEvent, the only thing you will need to worry about is what to do with the new source of income that will be generated monthly from your sought-after media.


  • Our custom built system allows for fast deployment, simplified set-up, and high resolution video and audio recordings.
  • Resolution and framerate are definable, depending on the clients’ requirements.
  • Capturing full-motion video or computer graphics has never been more streamlined.
  • State-of-the-art backup systems insure your project against hardware failure.
  • System can be remotely monitored via available network, reducing labor requirements.
  • Video can be captured to any file format or layout. Capture 1 isolated source; or, capture 2 sources (graphics and camera) in a side-by-side PIP or program switch.


Live or On-Demand, OnlineEvent can help you extend the reach of your event far beyond its actual dates and regional restrictions. Chances are, absentees are not at your event because the distance to travel is too great, or because they simply have a prior engagement. Solve both problems by allowing OnlineEvent to either stream your event live, or record your event and make the stream available at your audience's convenience. With a monetized stream, there are no tangible mediums that increase overhead. Profit margins are ripe for success, so let OnlineEvent be your logistical partner in fulfilling this real need of your attendees.

  • Live or Archived (Video-On-Demand) streaming options are available.
  • Player modules are embeddable on any website that takes HTML embed-code.
  • The system is HTML5 based, compatible across all platforms, including Windows, Mac. And Mobile.
  • Players are highly customizable, creating unlimited branding and color scheme possibilities.
  • Streams are powered by an industry-leading content delivery network (CDN).
  • Videos are rendered at an ultra-high quality to give the end-user a rich, full-screen experience.

Post Production

  • Rapid turn-around times – in as fast as 24 hours in some cases.
  • Our team can improve any production using motion graphics, animated text, color correction, advanced audio editing, trims, edits, etc.
  • Any file format can be converted and/or compressed to any other file format, dramatically increasing the applications for the final product.


We offer a variety of ways to monetize your content. First, OnlineEvent.com is an easy-to-use marketplace for the selling and distribution of videos from many events around the world. Second, a simple microsite can be designed to quickly deliver content after registration. Or third, let us build a complete e-commerce web site around your brand and your content (as is the case with this site).

All platform options allows users to purchase a video and stream it instantly on any device. They can also log back in and watch their videos whenever they like.

For content owners, OnlineEvent has aggressive revenue sharing plans for the purpose of quickly and efficiently selling their content and generating a return.

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