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We will be answering support emails this day but please expect longer than average response times.

Support issues are handled during the above hours only. If you contact support after hours, you can expect a response the following business day. If you contact Support during business hours, the average response time is approximately 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sales / Product / General Information

Can I use my account here?

No. This site requires a unique account; but an account is only necessary if you wish to purchase a video product. An account will be created for you during the checkout process.

I had an account at the old video site (2012 only). Will it work here?

Yes. All accounts from the 2012 streaming video site have been migrated here. If you do not remember your username or password you can use the links under the login form on the home page.

Is there a test video I can watch?

What browsers are supported?

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer 8 and higher are supported however we highly recommend using at least 9. If using Internet Explorer, please turn compatibility mode OFF. This mode makes the browser act like IE7 - which is not supported.

How do I watch on-demand or live videos after purchase?

After purchase, please logout and back in. You will then see a new menu item called "My Account." If you click this link you will be taken to your "My Videos" page which will list links to videos you have purchased. Click on the link to open that video's page.

If the event has not taken place yet, you will only see a black video screen on the video page. For live events, the video will appear roughly 10 minutes before the start of the event. You may need to refresh the page at that time. For on-demand events, the video will appear on the page within four hours after the completion of the event.

How long will it take to receive DVDs?

Generally, DVD orders are processed within 48 hours. All US Domestic orders are shipped via UPS Ground from Texas. International orders are shipped either UPS Worldwide Express or Worldwide Expedited, depending on which option is selected during checkout.

Once your order is shipped, we will append the tracking number to your order and notify you that your order has shipped. You can view your order details after logging in at My Account > My Orders.

Will I be able to watch the video right away?

Yes. Please logout after purchase by clicking Home and then Logout. Log back in and you will see a My Account menu option. Clicking My Account will take you to your My Videos page which will contain links to all your purchased videos.

Are there any restrictions on how many times I can watch the streaming video?

No. You receive unlimited access to videos that you purchase. You can log in anywhere, any time, from any device and watch your videos.

Can I download the streaming video?

No. Purchased streaming videos are available in streaming format only and cannot be downloaded to your computer. However, you can login whenever you like to watch your videos.

How can I watch videos on my phone or tablet?

All streaming video players on this site are mobile-friendly. That is, when you touch the video player in your mobile browser, the video will automatically load in your device's native video player. There is no app needed. If you notice the streaming video player is larger than your screen, simply touch the player to launch your device's native video player.

Are live videos actually live?

Yes, however there is a slight delay depending on your location, between 2-10 seconds.

end faq


What are the system requirements?

You will need an internet connection to stream video. Your internet speed should be at least 700kbps. All live streams are roughly 500kbps, but the on-demand videos can be as low as 250kbps. To test your internet speed visit The browser requirements are listed in an above FAQ under General Info, but we recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Why am I being asked to download the Flash Player?

Websites that contain Flash content require the Flash Player. A message asking you to download Flash Player comes from either the website you are viewing or from your browser.

Most browsers come installed with Flash Player, so you may already have a previous version of Flash Player installed. You may still need to update to the latest version if the website contains features that require a newer version. For best results, download and install the latest version from Flash Player Download Center.

If there is a Flash Movie object on the page, Microsoft Internet Explorer users will see a window requesting a download of the Adobe Flash Player. This message is a default feature of the Windows version of Microsoft Internet Explorer called "Install on Demand". If you wish not to see the window in the future, you have two options:
• When prompted, choose Yes and install the Flash Player.
• Disable the Microsoft Install On Demand feature in your browser.

Even though I have all the system requirements, why can't I see or hear any videos?

1. In some situations, other audio applications may interfere with the stream; try closing your browser and all audio applications. Restart your browser and return to the video.

2. If you are behind a firewall, check to see if you can get to popular sites on the Internet like Google. If you cannot, check your connections. If this does not solve the problem there may be a problem with your connection to the Internet, we recommend that you contact your service provider. If there is no problem getting to the sites like Google, then you may have certain ports locked down on your firewall.


If you are experiencing problems accessing streaming video content, it may be that you are behind a firewall that prevents access on certain ports. Firewalls are security programs that block unauthorized traffic to and from your PC. If you are on a corporate network, please check with your network administrator. If you have a personal firewall installed on either your home system or on a home network router (firewalls are sometimes pre-installed with ADSL or cable modems), then refer to your product's documentation on how to allow access. Due to the large numbers of possible products and setups, we are unable to troubleshoot your particular firewall connection problems for you.

Streaming requires open port 1935

Flash Player requires incoming and outbound access on port 1935 and 443 to stream correctly. You should configure your firewall to either have these ports open (for all applications to use) or to allow Flash Media Player to be a trusted application. Please consult your firewall documentation on how to do this, as we cannot provide support to do this.

Can I use dial-up Internet access?

The quality of the video clip you are watching mainly depends on two factors: (a) the speed of your Internet connection and (b) the bit rate (speed) of the video clip. The faster the bit rate of the video clip, the better the quality. However, the speed of your Internet connection will limit which video clip bit rate that you can watch. For example, if you only have a 56kbs dial up connection to the Internet, the highest video clip bit rate that you will be able to watch will be 56kbs or less (most likely less as the majority of dial-up connections only get speeds of 28kbs or less due to phone line issues). If you try to watch a video clip with a bit rate of 300kbs over a dial up connection, the video will not play.

It is important to note that even if you have a high-speed (DSL/ Cable Modem/ T1), Internet traffic congestion affects your connection speed and/or video performance. You will get slower or faster speeds at different times depending on peak or off-peak use hours. You may also get slower speeds during the morning and afternoon, but faster speeds late at night when fewer people are online. Also, streaming quality decreases when multiple people share the same Internet connection (e.g. at work or on a home network).

A dial-up connection is not recommended because our live video stream is being broadcast slightly above 500 kbps. We recommend you have a minimum Internet connection of at least 700 kbps to enjoy our service.

end faq


Why is my video choppy? or Why does my video have to rebuffer frequently?

This is most likely due to a slow Internet connection. Live streams are available in 2 or more bit rates. The lowest available rate (meant for mobile devices) is 200kbps. If your internet connection is slower than that, you will have problems viewing the video. To test the speed of your internet connection, visit

We use an advanced video player which automatically delivers the highest quality video to your device based on a number of factors including device type, browser, screen size, and connection speed.

If your connection slows down suddenly, the player is designed to continue streaming audio even if it cannot deliver the video. This is to ensure you do not miss any spoken words during your lapse in connection speed.

Why isn't any video showing up?

Have you tried refreshing the page? Sometimes, a page will not load completely before a 'timeout.'

If you are on a PC, it could mean that you do not have the latest version of Flash player installed on your computer. Please download the latest version here, install it, restart your web browser and try again.

If you are still having issues, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact support.

My purchase is complete but the video is not listed on the My Videos page.

Please contact support using the form at the bottom of this page.

end faq


Can I download a receipt of my purchase?

Yes. Once logged in, navigate to My Account > My Orders. Then click on the order # for the receipt you want to print. Use your browser's print function to print the Order Details.

Is my purchase refundable?

No. All purchases are final.

Who can I contact for billing-related problems?

Please contact support using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

end faq

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